About Us

Millennial Family Finance was conceived when I realized how much I enjoy setting up my family’s financial future.  My wife often asks, “Why do you love numbers so much?”.  I don’t necessarily love “numbers” but I do really enjoy personal finance.

Enjoying personal finance is not an obsession with money, in my eyes, it is a fear of not doing everything that I can to get the most out of life for my family.  My wife and I are first-time parents in our late-20s.  We both come from great families, and I want our children to have the same experiences that we had….and hopefully even more.

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Part of this relies on having the financial means to support purchasing necessary items.  The other part relies on having the financial flexibility and freedom to spend time together as a family.

You can expect to see updates on the financial decisions that our family is making and the thought process and tools we are using to make them. Take our experiences for what they are, good, bad, rewarding, frustrating or otherwise.  I hope you enjoy reading Millennial Family Finance and take something of value away from this blog.


Please comment and let us know about your personal finances.